Cross the line workshop

The cross the line workshop is an inspiring teambuilding workshop for teams and organizations who want to grow awareness, change, and grow as a team. It is by far the most powerful way to get to know your colleagues in a short time and also to establish connection and build trust within your organization. The cross the line workshop is about being openness honesty , responsibility and acknowledgement. Sometimes, it might be confronting but it will lead to connection in all cases.

What we do

After a brief introduction and explanation about the workshop, participants will start immediately. The program is full of active exercises alternated by moments of sharing, reflecting and learning. An important part of the workshop is the 'cross the line' exercise where participants receive statements about their life. In this way the participants will get insights into their own experiences and those of their colleagues. At the end of the workshop the participants will acknowledge each other in a fun way. Because it is a workshop full of experiences and realizations, the insights will be remembered for a long time.


A successful team with connected team members who have a clear vision for exceptional results.

Target audience

Cross the line is a program for organizations and (middle management) teams who have to deal with change and change management. The program is suitable for groups up to 75 participants.


Depending on your goals, there are two programs
- Day program (6,5 hours)
- Customized program (3-3,5 hours)


Group Dynamics gives positive energy
Customized for special toppics
Positive boost, new vision and inspiration
Brief intervention with maximum results

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    Over de streep in bedrijf

    Leadership program

    Cross the line workshop can  be used in a managent  leadership program. For more info use the contactform

    We have followed the cross the line workshop. It was an inspiring workshop what contributed to the team building as well as personal development. The coach did this in a very professional manner.
    Richard Steinfort
    Head Department of Guidance, Education and Quality at STC-Group
    For us it was a beautiful experience, especially the parts where we really got into conversation with each other. Recommended!
    Jouke de Jong
    Head of the Dutch National Mounted Police

    'Cross the line' is about reorganization - cooperation - team building - trust building - security - open communication - connection - inspiration - awareness.

    cross the line workshop in provincies

    'Cross the line workshop' is te boeken in de provincies: Utrecht – Noord-Holland – Zuid-Holland – Zeeland – Noord-Brabant – Limburg – Gelderland – Friesland – Flevoland – Groningen – Drenthe – Overijssel.

    cross the line workshop in de steden

    'Cross the line workshop' is te boeken in de steden: Utrecht – Houten – Maarssen – Nieuwegein – Amsterdam – Amstelveen – Hilversum – Almere – Lelystad – Hoofddorp – Rotterdam – Dordrecht – Capelle aan den IJssel – Spijkenisse – Barendrecht – Den Haag – Rijswijk – Zoetermeer – Leiden – Katwijk – Gouda – Haarlem – Breda – Bennebroek – Mijdrecht – Nijmegen – Den Bosch – Oss – Tilburg – Eindhoven – Arnhem – Ede – Maastricht – Wageningen – Middelburg – Bergen op Zoom – Goes – Apeldoorn – Deventer – Zutphen – Amersfoort – Alkmaar – Zwolle – Alphen aan den Rijn en vele andere steden. website: